Which steam appliance should you have in your home, and why?

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Steam cleaners are the best way to keep your home spotlessly clean. Thanks to them, you can not only get rid of dust, dirt, stains and other impurities, but also effectively remove threats invisible to the naked eye, such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa and mites. Additionally, steam cleaners have the advantage of being environmentally friendly as they eliminate the need for using potentially harmful detergents. But how to choose the right equipment from this category? Below, we suggest what to consider when making a decision

What kind of steamer will you need in your home?

The most important criterion you should consider when choosing a steam cleaner for your home is, of course, its purpose. Steam mops are only for cleaning floors and will therefore only be suitable for homes with hard surfaces such as terracotta, laminate or varnished wood. They should not be used to clean carpets or rugs as they can easily damage them. For these types of soft surfaces, steam cleaners are the way to go. If you have both hard and soft surfaces at home and you are looking for a compromise between the two, we recommend BISSELL Vac&Steam, a universal steam cleaner which can steam clean both floors and carpets. Its perfect complement is the BISSELL Steamshot steam cleaner. It can clean all surfaces and nooks which are impossible to reach with a vacuum cleaner, including wall tiles, windows, mirrors, grout and kitchen and bathroom taps.

What should I look for when choosing a steam cleaner?

Regardless of which steam equipment you decide on – whether it’s a mop, vacuum, mop and vacuum all in one, or steam cleaner – you should pay attention to the wattage of the equipment you choose and the steam pressure it generates. The wattage, which is referred to in the specifications as watts, should be at least 1000 watts. Steam pressure, on the other hand, is expressed in bar and its most optimal value is 4 – 4.5 bar. These parameters determine the effectiveness of steam equipment, so it is essential to take them into account when making a purchase.

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