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What lock for your home should you choose?

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The right door lock is a guarantee of security. Therefore, it is worth knowing what to consider when choosing a lock for the front door and interior doors. Check, which lock will be the best.

What to take into account?

A lock for the front door must have the appropriate certificates. However, it is also worth paying attention to its class.

What will primarily determine the level of security of external lock, will be the number of pins. The higher this number, the more difficult it will be to open the lock without the original key. The highest level of security is provided by locks with 6 pins (and more) and with burglary protection.

In choosing a lock should also pay attention to whether it has protection against drilling. Most often it is a metal plate or a special rotating element.

Entrance doors should be equipped with more than one lock.

Lock for burglar-proof door

Only one central lock is necessary for certified burglar-proof doors. Many models of such doors have a lock already installed at the factory. The locking bolts move in several directions. However, if the door is not equipped with it, you need to buy it. Ideally, the central lock should have bolts that open in three directions. Good quality locks for burglar-proof doors, but not only, can be found at https://gerda.pl/.

What type of lock for the front door, and what for the interior?

For interior doors, mortise locks are the most common choice. They are installed in the middle of the door, which makes them almost invisible. They are inserted into specially prepared holes, and after turning the key, the bolt enters the hole in the door frame. Most often such locks are chosen for doors made of PVC or aluminum.

Locks usually mounted on the front door are surface locks. They are attached to the door. They can be opened with a key on one side and with a bolt on the other. They are recommended for doors that are too thin to fit a mortise lock.

Mechanical locks

These are traditional locks, installed most often. This is because they are inexpensive and effective at the same time. The bolt is moved by turning the key, while the security of such locks depends on the combination of teeth and notches on the key.

For sliding doors

In such doors, it is best to install furniture locks that do not interfere with the opening and closing action. Here you can opt for a push-in lock and a louvered lock. Special locks should be chosen for sliding doors made of glass. Glass is thin and fragile, so this should be kept in mind when choosing a lock. The locks must have a special cylinder that when pressed will allow the door to open and close. Another option for sliding glass doors are movable locks, which have a locking bar. Their function is that when the lock is closed, the other sliding leaf stops in place.

Lock approvals

When buying a lock for your home, especially for external doors, you should definitely bet on one that is safe and effective. First of all, it should be certified by the Building Research Institute, which allows it to be used in construction.

An additional plus is that a given model of lock has been tested. To know if you are choosing such a lock, you should check if it has a certificate from an appropriate unit, for example, the Institute of Precision Mechanics.

Door locks have corresponding classes, which you should pay attention to.

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