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Induction cooktop advantages and disadvantages

płyta indukcyjna
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Induction stoves are increasingly replacing traditional gas stoves. They provide comfort and safety while cooking and cleaning. Today we look at the advantages and disadvantages of this particular type of stoves.


First of all, they are much more economical in terms of energy consumption. Induction cooktops recognize the size of the pot placed on them and adjust the heating surface according to it. In addition, it is a safe solution that practically removes the possibility of burns during cooking, because the hob does not heat up. It is also important to reduce cooking time by up to about 30%. In addition, cleaning such a stove is a pleasure, it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth, with more dirt with a cleaning agent. When buying, we can choose different arrangements of burners and shapes of the entire hob


Induction stoves are unfortunately more expensive than traditional ones. Their purchase is often a cost starting from 2.5 thousand zlotys. On top of that you need to buy special pots and pans to use the stove. These models are also not recommended for people with pacemakers because they create an electromagnetic field around them. This field can also demagnetize our credit card or payment card.

Ultimately, we have to decide for ourselves whether to opt for induction. In our opinion, it is worth considering because it is a really practical solution

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