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Garage door with door. What do you need to know before buying?

Brama garażowa z drzwiami. Co musisz wiedzieć przed zakupem?
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High quality garage doors are not only about convenience and aesthetics, but also safety. Placing a door in the gate can be a considerable facilitation of using the garage. What do you need to know before purchase?

Door parameters – what should be taken into account?

A garage is a place where we store our cars, however, not only these are to find a safe shelter there. It is often a place for storing home appliances, motorcycles and many others. Installing a garage door with a door will make it easier to move, and also we are not afraid of the failure of the opening system, as in the case of fully automated gates. The first thing to consider is the size and location of the wicket door. You can choose wings of different sizes, but the most optimal and most often chosen width is 90 cm. The final decision should take into account the height and width of the door itself

Pay attention to details

The door can be placed in the middle of the door leaf, or closer to the edge. In case of a two-car garage, it is rather recommended to place the door in the middle so that using an additional entrance does not interfere with cars parked inside. The height of the threshold is also to be considered and if we choose a garage door for a heated building it is necessary to check the class of thermal insulation

Safety above all

A great solution is to choose a door with an electronic sensor that will prevent accidental lifting when the door is open.

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