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Bio-fireplace for built-in. Which one to choose?

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Do you dream of evenings by the natural flame of a fireplace but have no possibility of ventilation? Choose a bio-fireplace – a safe source of heat that will emphasize the romantic nature of the interior

Bio-fireplaces are becoming more and more popular every year – mainly because they are an ecological alternative to wood-burning fireplaces. Unlike electric fireplaces, however, it does not imitate flames. It is a source of pleasant heat, and also introduces a romantic atmosphere and emphasizes the homelike character of each room. What is worth knowing about an eco-friendly fireplace before buying?

Bio-fireplace – a few words about the principles of operation

Bio-fireplaces are ecological alternatives to wood-burning fireplaces. They are becoming more and more popular as every year Poland tries to direct both businesses and individuals towards environmentally friendly activities

Bio-fireplaces are simple to install as they operate without ductwork or a chimney. They burn only alcohol-based fuel – completely safe for health – and the reaction produces mainly water vapor and trace amounts of carbon dioxide. In addition, their operation is also trivial – you do not have to worry about cleaning the soot or disposing of the ashes

Bio-fireplaces are a kind of combination of what is traditional and what is modern – they do not imitate flames, but support them in a safe and ecological way. It is a perfect solution for all people who dream about winter evenings by the fireplace but at the same time care about the planet

Which built-in bio-fireplace will meet your expectations?

In addition to free-standing, wall-mounted and wall-mounted bio-fireplaces, there are also built-in models available on the market. You can install them anywhere, but it is essential to make sure that the materials used are not flammable – after all, the fire inside is real. When you buy a bio-fireplace, you get a device that can be mounted on a frame with any material, such as bricks, façade tiles or stone. Built-in bio fireplaces imitate traditional wood-burning fireplaces best because they are installed in a niche, just like a fireplace with ventilation

When choosing a particular model you should be guided mainly by its capacity and design. Large bio-fireplaces can be used to heat rooms, but before buying it is worth understanding that most bio-fireplaces are installed mainly for decorative purposes, as an aesthetic addition. The capacity of a bio-fireplace means the amount of fuel that can be loaded at one time – and this translates directly into the length of burning. Large fireplaces with a capacity of 2 litres can keep the flames burning for up to 8 hours!

Main Photo: Adi Goldstein/

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