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Smart light bulbs. How it works

inteligentne żarówki

Choosing the right light in the house makes us feel comfortable in it. Currently, the market gives us almost endless possibilities, and among them a great solution, which are intelligent light bulbs.

Intelligent, but what does it mean?

Intelligent light bulbs perfectly fit into the recently popular home management according to the principle of smart home. This equipment gives us 100% control over lighting in the room. What is important, to use it, we do not have to create special electrical installations. Smart bulbs can be screwed into normal lamps that we have at home. Their price is higher than the standard light bulbs, but in the perspective of long-term savings on energy and in connection with the possibilities they give, they are worth their price.

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How it works

Smart bulbs can be turned on just like the standard ones from a switch, however, at the moment when we install a special application and connect the equipment to home WiFi depending on the model we get, we can

  • turn off the light using the phone;
  • change the light intensity depending on the need and mood;
  • change the hue and color of the emitted light
  • set the bulb to pulsate to the rhythm of music, film or TV series;
  • turn the light on as part of a security system;
  • control energy consumption.
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