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Alarms and monitoring Home and property monitoring – the cheapest solutions
A sense of security is one of our basic needs. Unfortunately, these days it is quite often threatened, even when we are in our own home. We constantly hear about burglaries, thefts, destruction of property or poisoning of pets. There is one proven way to deal with this – monitoring. Its installation allows us to feel safe, and in the case of a burglary or other threatening incidents, track down the criminal faster. Often, the very installation of monitoring acts as a deterrent to potential thieves. Of course, on the market we can find many modern technologies that allow us […]
Other Countertop hood. How to choose a pull-out hood?
When we decorate a kitchen, we need to pay attention to various nuances and keep in mind several important and even necessary things. One of them is the hood, thanks to which we can avoid spreading odors throughout the apartment and minimize the risk of fogging up the entire room and floating grease vapors.  It can be said that the hood is already a standard piece of equipment in every kitchen. Sometimes, however, especially when we have an island in the kitchen, where the stove is located, its installation in standard form will be difficult or even impossible. And this […]
Other 5 Reasons You Need Soundproof Wall Panels in Your Home
Soundproof wall panels can help keep your home comfortable and quiet, as well as reduce sound pollution in your community. If you’re considering sound panels for walls, read on to learn about five of the best reasons why you might want to make the investment in this high-quality type of wall paneling system. 1) To enjoy peace when you’re home It’s not uncommon for people to seek out sound absorbing wall panels when they want to reduce noise levels in their homes. After all, why should you have to endure the sounds of your neighbor’s dog barking or the constant […]
Smart Garden Swimming pool water heating – which solution to choose?
Heat pump, or maybe electric heaters or heat exchanger? These are examples of systems with which you will heat and maintain the water temperature of your choice. It would be hard to imagine swimming in a cold pool, so without heating, not a move. Check out the most popular systems! Why do you need to heat the water in the pool? A swimming pool in our own backyard is a dream for many of us. Once we manage to fulfill it, we must be aware that it will be necessary to heat the pool water. Why? First of all, the […]
Alarms and monitoring Anti-theft system for the house. Which one to choose?
Do you want to increase security in your house or apartment? Are you considering installing an alarm system? Check what you need to know before purchase and what types of anti-burglary systems you can opt for. We encourage you to read about it! What to consider when selecting a burglar alarm system for your home – a handful of tips Before we move on to the types of alarm systems, it is worth, first of all, to check what to pay attention to when buying, or rather – what you need to know even before buying. First of all you […]
Energy efficiency Heat pump. Principles of operation, savings
Heat pumps are an increasingly popular and popular option due to the fact that they are associated with significant savings. It is worth getting to know their principles of operation, so that maybe in the future you will decide to apply this kind of technology in your house. Before we start talking about the benefits of a heat pump, let us explain what exactly this installation is. Well, it is a device that allows you to achieve up to 75% savings when it comes to the expenses incurred on obtaining hot water and heating. Heat pumps are considered to be […]
Smart Garden How can we be smart in the garden?
Nowadays, smart homes no longer surprise anyone. So it’s no wonder that smart gardens are becoming more and more popular. How to design one? Contemporary construction differs significantly even from that of a few years ago. The same is true of gardens. Today rather few people plant trees and shrubs without prior thought. Everything works together. The idea of smart gardening also makes life easier. A smart garden – why is it worth it? Smart gardens really have many advantages. The main one is that the appropriate settings make everything somehow “manage itself”. Of course, according to a predetermined scheme. […]
Electrics Phase-to-phase balancing. What is worth knowing about it?
The way of energy accounting is for many people very important, but not very understandable. What is worth knowing about phase-to-phase balancing? In order to understand phase-to-phase balancing, you first need to familiarize yourself with the billing capabilities of electric utilities, the so-called prosumers. As the name suggests, this is a combination of “producer” and “consumer”. Usually this term appears in the case of photovoltaics.  It is worth noting that a detailed description of who can be considered a prosumer can be found in the RES Act. According to the regulations, it is primarily a person who simultaneously produces and […]
Lighting Smart home – ways to control lighting
Smart homes are an increasingly popular solution. Modern technologies greatly improve everyday life and often allow you to save money. What are the ways to control light? Lighting at home is extremely important. In the past in the rooms there was a chandelier, to some lamp standing in the corner and that’s all. Today, interiors look completely different. Illuminated ceilings, cabinets, floors – ideas and possibilities are plenty. Light allows you to create a unique atmosphere of the interior, adds ambience, and thus – improves the comfort of those who stay in it.  What is lighting control? Control of lighting […]

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